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13 Aug 2015

B-House Collections (House & Garage Mash Up Mixes) [FREE Split Tracks]

DJRV Ruff Vibes 

B-House Collection Monthly Mash Ups
House & Garage Mixes
Split Tracks Available
2015 Collection
BPM 128-131
Genre: Bass House - House with vocals & garage sound and straight up bass ;)

#bass #bhouse #House #basshouse #ukg #garage #speedgarage #niche #Bigroom #deephouse #futurehouse #baseline #bassline #basehouse

6 Aug 2015

DJRV B-House 0915 (+MP3 Split Tracks)

"DJRV B-House 0915"
September 2015 Release
Split Tracks -
BPM 131
Artist Tom Revans aka DJRV
Genre: Bass House - House with vocals & garage sound and straight up bass ;)

#bass #house #basshouse #garage #funkyhouse #vocalhouse #bassline #bline #ukg #ukgarage #djrv #djrevz #tomrevans #freemix #freedownload #splittracks #0915 #tommywants

3 Aug 2015

Quick Photo of 2015 Revs custom PC

2015 Revs Rig Custom PC
i7 5th Generation 5820k Hex Core :P
should last 'till 2020, end of!

NAS Drive not showing on Windows 8/8.1 & 10 Network

NAS Drive not showing on Windows 8/8.1 & 10 Network

after much frustration a few times the SMB feature required to access the network attached storage NAS drive on the new windows network is not installed by default.
Open up
1.control panel
2.Programs and features
3. turn on/off windows features (on left hand column)
4. tick/enable "SMB 1.0" clock done/finish
restart computer :)

18 Jun 2015

Revs Current Gaming RIG 2015

Cooler Master Enforcer Case
Windows 10 Preview Operating System
Intel i7 3770 Ivy Bridge 3rd Gen 3.9Ghz Quad Core
8GB (4x2GB) Crucial DDR3 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 CL 1.5V
Gigabyte Z77M-D3H Motherboard
HD4870 2GB AMD/ATI Graphics Card
Corsair TX850W Power Supply
Creative SB Recon 3D Fatal1ty Sound Card
256GB Crucial M4 SSD
1TB Storage

Looking for upgrade GTX 780 or 980 & 16GB DDR3 Ram

23 May 2015

Tom Revans - Hard House and Funk Hard

Tom Revans - Hard House and Funk Hard
*#*Soundcloud Free Mix Download*#*

A slightly funky hard house mix at 147BPM.

Track list:
01. Okay Roll The Drums (Digital Mafia & Joe Longbottom Remix)
02. Chicks With D**ks (Original Mix)
03. Soggy Chips (Original Mix)
04. It's My Pleasure (Elivate & Brown-E Remix)
05. Come with me to the dance floor
06. Music Is My Life
07. Missing U (Original Mix)
08. Why Don't You
09. Give Me The Music (Original Mix)
10. Joy I have Inside
11. Funk Addiction (Original Mix)
12. Backwards Beast
13. Music (Original Mix)

Thanks for listening :P

14 Jan 2014

Porting from a large Hard Drive to smaller Solid State Drive (SSD)

4 future I would like to note my solution to this problem.

Usually its a case of windows image backup and restore to new same size or larger hard drive but in this instance its not the case.

I have a 120GB mechanical hard drive I would like to transfer to a new 60GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

the old 120gb included the annoying 100mb reserved partition so was going to be a bit tricky....

A 120GB  Hard Drive
# Comments

Firstly I need to shrink Windows C: drive partition on A to near 50GB to fit on B which involved either copying to an external Hard Drive or deleting some crap so can shrink in size.

On B create initial partition 100mb (B1)  and second partition which was about 55GB (B2)

utilizing "Road kills RAWCOPY"
copy A1  partition to B1

Utilizing "Road kills RAWCOPY"
copy A2 new shrined Windows C partition  to new B2 partition..

Once copy complete, shut down remove old 120gb and install new 60GB SSD and boot using windows CD

Boot  into recovery mode and run "command prompt"
At this stage we'll need to fix the boot manager on B2 i.e. utilizing "Bootrec"
********************BEGINNING  OF COMMAND
BOOTREC /SCANOS  #[should output  1 windows install on D: (B2)]
BOOTREC /SCANOS   #[should output 0 windows install as Bootmanager is now on 100mb]
*************************** END OF COMMAND

Next to make sure 100mb partition is the active boot partition other wise  you will get a NTDLR missing message on boot.
******************BEGINNING  OF COMMAND
SELECT DISK 0 #[assuming 0 is your boot disk]
SELECT PARTITION 0 #[assuming 0 is 100mb partition on boot disk]
ACTIVE #[assigns selected as the boot partition]
*************************** END OF COMMAND
close and restart and should be good to go.
any problems please do not hesitate to ask google
Thanks for reading, Tom